Do Video Production Companies in Denver Offer Motion Tracking Services?

At AGI, we specialize in producing creative content from start to finish or collaborating with it. We offer video editing classes in Colorado with a live instructor, including private video editing training for groups and individuals. Our regularly scheduled video editing courses near you can be participated in online from your home or office in Colorado. Our online and live video editing courses are interactive, with a small group sessions and a live instructor. This allows you to get answers to your questions in real time, share your screen and projects, and receive immediate feedback on your progress.

For intermediate and advanced video editing classes, the introductory course or knowledge of all the topics covered in the introductory video editing class is required. We can deliver a video editing workshop in Colorado that fits your specific needs, or training can be delivered following a standard curriculum. Companies, organizations and departments that need face-to-face and face-to-face training in video editing in Colorado can count on an in-person instructor coming to their company to teach a face-to-face course. Our professional development courses allow people in Colorado to learn video editing quickly and easily. With more than a decade of experience offering live online video editing classes, AGI has developed the process, infrastructure and methods for effective online learning that is engaging, interesting and effective. This includes expert instructors with many years of practical experience in video editing, as well as extensive experience teaching video editing. We also offer discounted training vouchers for employees to enroll in regularly scheduled public video editing courses offered on specific dates, either in AGI classrooms or through face-to-face online sessions.

Learning to edit videos can lead you to a career in the field of video editing, video production, and motion graphics. With courses for beginners who need to learn the fundamentals of video editing, as well as advanced courses, boot camps, and certification programs, AGI offers options for students at every point in their careers. Private video editing courses can be delivered through live online sessions or can be delivered on-site, in or near Colorado, with a teacher who comes to your area. Take the opportunity to participate in live video editing classes taught by teachers with extensive experience in using and teaching video editing. The projects created by video and animated graphics professionals range from video screens for stores, kiosks, advertisements and complete videos that are distributed online, to television, film and broadcasting.

Motion tracking services

are also available for special effects and compositing.

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